Vintage Adventure || Snohomish


In a mad quest to find cake plates to use at Ms. M’s birthday party, her and I headed out to do some vintage shopping. We’ll call her party theme ‘pastel vintage’. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But, since I don’t have any proper cake plates, I thought this would be a good time to get my hands on some beautiful vintage pieces.

I would like to report that M and I had a great time checking out this amazing little town and bobbing in and out of the vintage shops. But, really, the report is that I had a great time. M…not so much. This beautiful, perfect day was just not her day. She wanted out of her stroller, reached her little paw out to grab all sorts of {expensive} vintage goodies and basically had me running through these stores like a mad woman.



Now that I think about it, maybe vintage shopping isn’t on the top of ‘things babies love to do list’ {I’m going to use the word baby as many times as I can today. Her birthday is tomorrow. To-freikin-morrow and I feel like she’ll somehow instantly be a toddler. So baby it is today. All day.}



Just look at that salty look I got when I tried to cheer her up by showing her the cutest little pie shop. Nothing. Apparently, vintage or pies aren’t her thing.



So, to round out my desperate attempt for a M mood changer, I asked the kind pie shop girl if there was a park near by. M got to remove herself from her stroller cage and stretch her little legs. It worked! We played in the grass and had a little snack before trying one last shop. Maybe not her favorite day but I sure loved that little town. I walked out with three awesome plates to use and visions of so many other things I ‘need’ from those shops. Can’t wait to go back {maybe on a baby free day}!


Enjoy! Melissa

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