Mothers Day

Mamas Day

It was still a little strange when people wanted to wish me a Happy Mothers Day yesterday. I have to admit that every time someone said it, I took a little glance over my shoulder to see who they were talking to. It’s only been a year since I’ve been a mama so really, yesterday was like a secret little ‘welcome to the club’ party for me. But more then a celebration of my year full of new feelings, massive love and a new station in life, I realized I have gained so much respect for the fabulous examples of mamas I have in my life.

So, to all those women, we love you! Thank you to the amazing women in my family, my friends who are new moms with me and my friends who are a bit more seasoned moms. You are all so important to my family. You have shown me how to have great love in the most challenging and rewarding job I could imagine.

I hope each of you got to put your feet up for a few minutes, took in the goodness in your children and are starting your week feeling as appreciated and special as you should.

From my family to yours….Thank you!

Enjoy! Melissa

Oh’ and as much as I want to keep looking at them, tomorrow will wrap up our vacation posts. See you then for a little warm vacation breeze!


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