Behind The Scenes || At the Beach



It’s so hard to pick my favorite pictures from this trip! We took over 500 just on the DSLR and have more on our phones. But, these jumped out at me as some of my favorite beach pictures. Just a little eye candy for a Thursday morning!

|| I’m a sunshine, beach, sand and waves kind of girl. So, we arrived in Hawaii, dumped our stuff at my sisters house, changed out of our travel clothes {why is it that no matter what you do, you feel like a giant dirt ball when you get off a plane?} and headed straight to the beach to show M what it was all about. We only had about an hour to play while my sister got some work done so we just enjoyed the scenery and let M have her very first meeting with the ocean. ||


|| I think our swim lessons paid off. The next day, M couldn’t get enough of the water. She crawled all along the shoreline making us chase her down the beach. We played our hearts out with a little sand bucket and toys and of course, applied sunscreen about a million times. ||


|| The beach the next day could not have been more beautiful. Look at our funny little tourist setup! That UV shelter was maybe the best purchase of my life. M sat in the shade and played in the sand for hours at a time each day. Amazing right? ||


|| I told you, any chance I can I’m heading toward the beach. We had an hour to waste one day so we decided for lunch by the water. Happy Place. ||


|| Just look at M. She put her little feet in the sand and drove this floatie around like a car. She was laughing and talking to all the kids on the beach like, ‘yeah, look at my ride!.’ Funny, funny girl. ||

Enjoy! Melissa

8 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes || At the Beach

    • I got it on Amazon. It’s the Coleman one and it was great but there was one other I saw that seemed even better. By light something maybe?? We left ours in HI for future use or I would just you borrow it!! ;)

  1. What a great beach! We’re thinking of going to Kauai and would love to know which beach this one is. Great pictures!

    • Hi Ruth! I hope you do go. Kauai is the perfect vacation! These pictures are on three different beaches. Poipu Beach {which I recommend with kids}, the Marriott Beach and Tunnels Beach! Good luck! Let me know if you need any other recommendations.

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