Date Night || Umi Sake House


20 months or 1 year and 8 months or approximately 243 days. No matter how you spin it, it’s entirely too long to have been without my favorite sushi place. First, I was pregnant and a little bun in the oven meant no sushi. Then, well, there just isn’t an excuse good enough. After all that time waiting, Ky and I finally made it out for a date at what I think is the best sushi house in Seattle.


I am admittedly not a hard core sushi connoisseur. But, Umi Sake House is, in my opinion, the best. It’s deceivingly small from the outside but once you enter the room opens up to this plant and glass ceiling space that gives you the strange feeling that you are outside. Weird. In a good way.

We ordered a trio of goodness including the California Kristy and First Ave Rolls as well as some martinis to toast our night out. Nothing disappointed. After 20 moths, Umi still has it!

Let me know if you have any other fun date night restaurants for us to try. We are in the market for more delicious parent’s nights out.

Enjoy! Melissa


3 thoughts on “Date Night || Umi Sake House

  1. I know this has nothing to do with your post but I used my bkr water bottle today for the first time and EVERYONE was asking me what it was, I directed them to your website! to easily click through! :)

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