Love You Back


Every day I watch Little M learn something. Some days she learns to make a new sound. Some days it’s a new gesture. And others it’s just the taste of a new food. However, nothing has been as special as her recent new recognition of love.

In the last few weeks Little M has really learned what it means to show affection. She has been toddling right up to us, throwing her little arms around our neck and squeezing. A giant baby sized bear hug. Then, she leans in {often with her mouth wide open} and gives us a smooch. And, if I wasn’t sure that she was aware of the kind of love she is showing, she has turned her love onto her favorite baby doll as well. Same actions; hugs with a little shake the way you do when you are really into a hug, kisses on the forehead and a little hand holding.

It’s melt your heart cute. It’s start your Monday on the right foot cute. It’s momentous.

Enjoy! Melissa

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