Spending our days outside completely and totally changes the mood in our house. I don’t know if it’s because I am an admitted sun seeker {and live in the northwest. total oxymoron.}  or if everyone is just happier when the sun is out and we get to breath in some fresh air. Probably a hybrid of both.

As we were splashing around in a baby pool yesterday with our sunnies on, I was reminded of the beauty of this place that I complain about 300 days a year. And I know {I know} that all the rain we get is what makes these nice days so special. It makes the trees so green, the air so clean and the day I get to put the lawn furniture out for the year unique. The sites of the Northwest on a nice day just unmatched.

Enjoy! Melissa

PS  {No Ky, I’m not going to stop whining unless every day turn this nice.But I promise, I will truly be grateful for the beauty of an outdoor lunch, our little suburban lawn to play in, smelling like sunblock and a baby in ridiculously cute sunglasses every chance I get.}







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