Weekend Snapshot || iPhone Update 4











I know, I know…we are half way through this week and I’m just now blabbing about last weekend. But, it was just so great. I can’t let it go. So, update you get!

|| On Friday, we got to see a dream come true. My soon-to-be brother-in-law was in the Broadway Tour of Flashdance at the Paramount. If you are familiar, he played the role of Nick. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Amazing to watch him on stage. Amazing to watch his loved ones get a glimpse of his talent. And Amazing to feel his happiness after the show. {I’m hoping he doesn’t mind my gushing. Sorry Derek!} AND on top of all that… because ya’ ya’ he’s great…..we got a date night! We had an awesome tapas dinner before the show {side note, why aren’t all meals served like this? I would far prefer to eat a few bites off small plates then have a 4lb chicken slabbed on my plate like most restaurants do.} and a few drinks after. Love this man I’m married to. It was so nice to spend some time with him and our friends.||


|| On Saturday night, I really got crazy and went to yoga. No, but really, it was pretty fun. Lululemon put on a yoga event inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle. There were about 300 people mat-to-mat doing yoga while the Beatles played and the Space Needle shined above us. Not too shabby.||



|| And we are to the end of the weekend. Sunday was pretty special. Little M went to her first baby birthday party. She played with some small friends while I attended my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Folks, that guy in Flashdance and my sister-in-law have been dating for longer then I have even known my husband. High school sweethearts that have made it through college in different states, pursuing dreams in NYC and now a wedding right around the corner. Let me tell you…wedding of the year around here for sure! So, she basked in bridal shower glory and opened all things kitchen while we oooed and awwed. And, the funniest, her friends in NYC got in their ‘shower’ best and joined us via Facetime. Clever! Very Clever! ||

And that’s it, I won’t blab about the past any more.

Enjoy! Melissa

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