Randomness || Round 2



Happy Tuesday! I have so many things running through this crazy brain of mine that I can’t pick just one to write about. So, lucky you, here are all my thoughts of the moment:

  1. My girl is on her way to walking. She takes her little mouse toy on wheels and pushes it around my kitchen. Her little legs take tiny step after step as she carefully conducts every move. Then, she thinks even harder as she maneuvers her way around the mouse to push him out of a corner and continues..step, step. Those little legs moving might be the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on. And, on one hand, I’m so proud of her. You can tell every fiber in her is concentrating and that she’s pretty proud of herself. On the other, wait stop. M. You can’t be old enough to walk. 
  2. On the same token, I’m planning her first birthday. So far, I’ve sent out the invitations. That’s it. Nothing else. So, if you are coming be ready for a ‘surprise’ because I don’t even know what’s going down yet. So unlike me. Maybe it’s because I feel like M turning the big o-n-e has to be eons away. Not in a few weeks.
  3. Who knows where I can get a good swimsuit? I have tried on every acceptable ‘mom’ suit in the greater area with no luck. I think I’m just hoping that a miracle happens in the next week and I can somehow walk around in a pre-pregnancy bikini and nobody will notice my not so tight, not so un-steretchmarked stomach. Not happenin’. So, again, I ask…where do I find the perfect ‘I’m still young enough’ but also an ‘I had a baby’ swimsuit? Help!
  4. I went to Barre class last night for the first time in a while. Typing hurts. Moving hurts. In a good way.
  5. Today is the day I go get the filling they didn’t have time for last week at the dentist. Last time was better. Before I knew what getting a filling entailed. Now, I’m just hoping they lost my appointment. I’ll have to call later to confirm that they don’t in fact have me on the books {hopefully}.
  6. This picture has nothing to do with this post but I just thought it was so fitting. M is my little gift. To me, to her family and to anyone she meets. Once her little eyes smile at someone, I swear they can do nothing but smile back and act a tad bit goofy. A gift.

Enjoy! Melissa


8 thoughts on “Randomness || Round 2

  1. I am in the same swimsuit predicament! And it doesn’t help that places like Anthro and UO only have them online! I just placed orders from 5 websites for suits yesterday!

    • Ugh! Swimwear is the death of me. But, this morning I did stumble on PacSun having free 2nd Day shipping. I ordered a few to try on. We shall see if surf brands are my thing! Ha!

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