Just Saying: Refreshed


Sparkling Water. Before I was pregnant, I hated it. Why add bubbles to perfectly good water? Then, when I was expecting Little M’s arrival, I suddenly started to find myself drinking it regularly. {Hey, it’s better then peanut butter and pickles! Right?} It was my go-to when all my not knocked up friends were drinking at dinner or when a glass of wine sounded good.

And, now that the sun is showing it’s beautiful face a little more, I’ve been reminded of this sparkling deliciousness again. The only way to do it is to add both a lemon AND a lime. Any waiter will roll their eyes at your annoying order but it’s worth it! And, if you are quenching your thirst at home, squeeze both the lemon and lime wedge into your cup before adding the ice. I promise, it’s so refreshing you won’t regret it.

Enjoy! Melissa


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