What’s On M’s Plate

Baked Sweet Poato

I whipped up this meal for Little M a few days ago and she loved it. Not even kidding, she basically went on a crumb expedition when I announced it was, “all gone.” Again, I’m not a gourmet chef {not even a home chef} or a nutritionist, but it’s been on heavy rotation in our house so I thought I would share it.

|| Baked Sweet Potato ||

1/4 of a large sweet potato baked for 40 minutes at 400

Topped with cooked zucchini and tofu, a sprinkle of cheese and a dash of plain yogurt

Served with a baked plum on the side

And in the mean time, I’ve never understood why people ‘hate’ the dentist. For 28 years, I have been going regularly and loving it. You get to lay back, leave with squeaky clean teeth and, when I was younger, pick a prize from the giant tooth shaped bin on your way out. Well now I understand, folks. My first cavity lead to my first tooth pain which led to my first filling yesterday.

That sucked! What in the world is that giant contraption that they basically try to suffocate you with? And why did I have to feel like my face was about three feet wide when I left? Or what about how half my mouth was so numb I’m pretty sure I put chapstick on my entire face?

So, I’ll never think ‘what a baby’ again when someone tells me that they don’t like the dentist. I get it. Don’t worry.

Enjoy! Melissa

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