There are two places that I have sworn off on the weekends completely. Costco and Ikea. {I know. I live in the burbs.} Call me old but the crowds are just too much for me. People fighting to build their own Framsta Shelving Unit or buy a 500 gallon bucket of butter. I don’t get it. That said, I go to Costco regularly to purchase my very own 500 gallon buckets of food. I just make sure to run that joy of an errand on a weekday. But, due to this apparent crowd phobia, I had managed to avoid Ikea for  years.

Finally, it was time. Time to fight the crowds with M in tow. So, I invited a friend to brave it with me and a little weekday trip was scheduled. Who knew? Ikea can be a pleasurable place in the middle of the week. Our girls even seemed to enjoy it for a while. I guess they like things named Syklta and Mala.

First, M rode in her new ‘play pen’ while having a snack. Then her friend joined her for a little play pen action while her mom and I enjoyed the {how they heck are they so good?} meatballs and a drink with a name that I’ll never be able to pronounce but it had a pear on the front so I figured it was probably a 100% fruit juice health drink, right?

I left the store with two kitchen towels and two planters. WHAT? Who leaves Ikea with a total of $5.99 {plus meatballs and a drink for $2. Also an indication that they are probably full of healthful things.}.

Ugh! I’m so suburban.

Enjoy! Melissa





8 thoughts on “Suburbia

    • Me too! I have to make lists like an old lady before I enter Costco or I come out with mass quantities of things that I will never finish. Like, the gallons of hand soap I still have from when we moved into this house. I will never wash my hands enough to finish those bad boys.

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