Worth It


We had the craziest Saturday.

A little background; Ky and I both went to college in a small town in eastern Washington. We met there, we fell in love there, we adore Washington State University and are raising M to share that passion. So, when Ky had some business to do over the mountains, Little M and I jumped at the chance to join him for a quick day trip to our Alma Mater. It’s such a long story of how this should-be short sweet and easy trip actually turned out, so I’m just going to break it down.

  • We spent Friday night packing a lifetime of supplies up for a one day trip. {This is called going anywhere with a baby.}
  • Our little family got up early, packed it to the airport and passed our mountain of stuff through security in enough time to grab a coffee, banana and an oatmeal.


  • After loading our mountains of supplies onto the flight, we get cozy in our seats and as the plane went up, M went to sleep. Miracle! Amazing! And then, it all began. 20 minutes later {and half way to our destination} the pilot informs us that we have a small mechanical malfunction and will be turning around back to Seattle. WHAT? Didn’t they know, we had the golden sleeping baby ticket?
  • Back to Seattle, wake Little M, wait, reload our mountain of supplies, get cozy again with a wide awake M. Stuff her full of lunch as slowly as possible so as to take the entire flight time with this activity.
  • Arrive in small town USA to a one room airport. The rental car counter employee apparently had a busy day planned and closed 15 minutes before we arrived at NOON! Just left, went home and left us to wander to the only other rental car company and beg for a car. Luckily, he took pity on us.



  • Again, load our mountains of supplies but this time into a car and finally {finally} head to campus where we will now have a total of 3 hours on the ground before our scheduled flight home.
  • Run around in the snow in my flats and spring coat {awesome planning me}. Show Little M where I lived in college and let all the sorority girls shower her with attention. Best part of her day by far. I even squeezed in a little time to grab some souvenirs at the school book store and show M a little bit of campus.
  • 3 whole hours later, we packed up and head back to the airport. Flight delayed. Say a little thank you to the man upstairs that we had not yet returned the rental car keys {only good luck for the day} and go get take out from our favorite pizza place as well as a coffee from our all time favorite drive through coffee place. Oh the memories this food brought back!




  • Finally, back at the airport, load our mountains again and make it home in one piece. Phew!

Craziness I tell ya’. Just craziness. But, can I say that it was the most full circle moment to have my child in the place where I made so many memories. She crawled up the stairs I sat on with the women that are now my best friends and I got to show her the campus that shaped my relationship with her daddy. Worth it!

Totally, worth it!

Enjoy! Melissa


10 thoughts on “Worth It

    • Haha! Kelsey! The worst thing was that we could have driven there faster. And the flights were crazy bumpy and scary. But, we made it there and back with a good story to tell. Crazy Day!

  1. YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT WRITER!!!!! “She crawled up the stairs I sat on with the women that are now my best friends and I got to show her the campus that shaped my relationship with her daddy. Worth it!” — teary eyed me! I’m such a SAP! love ya!

  2. I’m dying to know whic Pullman pizza joint is your fave, and I’m just assuming your fave coffee place is the Daily Grind. I still dream about their iced vanilla lattes, and for the record, Pizza Perfection and Sellas were my fave. And now I’m thinking about all the Pullman food and miss and realizing why I gained 20lbs in college.

    • Stephanie! Sellas! But never for pizza. Kyle is a Coug Calzone guy and I’m a salad with a bread stick and dipping sauce gal. Drool!!!! And Daily Grind, of course. I go for the peanut butter freeze. So yes, your reading this right. I had a peanut butter freeze with a bread stick and sauce. Only thing that would have made it better would be to throw in a Coug Corndog too {and now Im just a completely gross fat kid}

      • YES! No judgment here! I never ate pizza at Sella’s either! I miss Basillio’s and Rancho Viejo margaritas tooooo! Now you’ve convinced me that I need to take a trip to Pullman for a food crawl.

      • Bahaha! Well, you know you’re not in college any more when…you want to do a food crawl instead of a pub crawl! If said food crawl happens, please let me know. I will gladly join.

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