What’s On M’s Plate + Other Randomness



It’s Wednesday! Lets be honest, Monday and Tuesday took their sweet time moving on. No idea what’s up with me but my patience is about as thin as it gets. So, yay, I made it through Monday and Tuesday. Lets just say ,that’s an accomplishment this week.

To celebrate, I told myself I could watch my guilty pleasure Kardashians tonight and I think it might be turning my brain to mush. I have the most random things running through my head.

1. Yesterday, I was sitting next to M while she ate her well balanced lunch and I noticed that I was on my second ‘I deserve this’ brownie of the day. When do you have to start leading by example in your food choices? Because, I’m kinda’ into my pat on the back brownie and not so excited to eat peas for lunch. I mean, she had mango for desert, isn’t that close enough to a brownie?

2. Ugh, the Freshly Picked mocs that Mason wears just slay me. Keep dreaming M. I’ll finally give in and get them one day.

3. Where is the best place to print a file? I am working on putting together Little M’s first birthday invitations {Lets not even talk about how this celebration is so surreal. People keep saying, ‘wow, didn’t that go fast’ and my answer is always, ‘some days really flew by.’} and I just don’t have patience for these printing places. Take my file, print it, make it look nice. I just can’t be responsible to understand paper weights. Lets just go with whatever the standard weight for a first birthday announcement is. Done!

4. How is it spring in part of the country and dumping snow in other parts. This just isn’t fair. Imagine watching the news showing 80 degree NYC while snow falls outside your window. Puke!

5. We are going on vacation in 20 days. I am trying so {so, so} hard not to think about it for many reasons. I don’t want to amp up a palm trees and sunshine trip because I just have a sneaky feeling that I will be seeing less of both now that we will have a baby on vaca with us. And, it makes me feel like the snow people {puke} when I think about that weather then look outside here.But seriously, can’t freakin’ wait. Just picture it…..little baby feet in the sand, no long sleeves so you can see the baby rolls, pool toys and sandals. Can not wait!

6. I am strangely excited for the sewing class I am taking tonight. I don’t own a sewing machine but soon, I should know how to operate one. Also, when I signed up they said you make a little something in the class. I’m secretly hoping it’s similar to the stuffed frog we made in home ec. in high school.

7. Do we have any more brownies?

Enjoy! Melissa


8 thoughts on “What’s On M’s Plate + Other Randomness

    • LC! I’m pretty excited! Maybe there is some place by you that offers them? Or this places offers multiple classes and I might end up taking another. Join in then!

  1. One of the highlights of my day is your blog. I love seeing little M in all her royal cuteness. Can’t wait to have a little one so we can talk about diapers. Haha. Don’t tell Bryan.
    Love you guys!

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