Weekend Snapshot || Iphone Update 3


{Well, we finally gave in and locked up our cabinets. M was too busy grabbing all things she shouldn’t be. Airplane shots, margarita glasses….I’m seeing a theme here. So far, she just goes around testing the strength of the locks. Pulling and pulling. At least this cuts down on the times I say ‘no’ a day by maybe 100 times. Win for me!

Oh and look at my friends cute dog. I think he was bored at work on Friday but I’ll take it! With all the picture texts I bombard my friends with, I think I should expect to receive many more like this {please}!}













{We had Lacie of Leather and Lace, her family and another sweet friend over for dinner last night. Besides the fact that I got to watch our three Little’s play together, one brought these great reminders of spring and the other a new favorite wine. What is there not to like about this?

Sappy moment…..I just don’t know what I would do without all my mom friends. Somehow, I got lucky and had a few old friends and have made a few new that have babies all under a year. Truly, I would not survive without these women. I spent yesterday on a two hour walk with one and then had a great dinner with others. Without them have to have  ‘real’ baby life talks with and to share lunches, play dates and crazy texts with, I would really struggle. Both my and Little M’s life’s are so enriched by having each of them around.

OK …. sap over….look at this attitude M. She goes to this bottom stair and ‘talks’ about once a day. Full hand motions and serious business. I can’t wait until I can actually understand her stoop rant.}

Enjoy! Melissa



6 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot || Iphone Update 3

  1. LOVE M sitting on her soap box photo! Can’t wait to hear what that little girl has to say! I’m sure its brilliant (of course)

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