28 Hour Mini-Mom-Vaca


I mean, I can’t be the only mom who needs a break every once in a while. I love {love, love} my Little M but this last week, I could feel my patience wearing thin. It’s been months since I took an entire day ‘off’ from my little one and actually got away and it was TIME!

Truth is, M was having some digestive issues and Ky and I talked about poop more last week then I ever wanted to in a life time. People, I even texted him a picture of a dirty diaper. Sick. {Don’t worry, I sent a disclaimer first that let him know the grossest most inappropriate text he has ever received was about to come through. Nice of me I think.} And a clear sign that maybe I needed to step off the merry-go-round for a little while to talk about more fragrant topics. So, I took a little mini-mom-vacation to visit one of my best friends, Lindsay of My Ties and Piper Teal, on the other side of the mountains.

My 28 hours away was refreshing. I drove the 2 hour drive to her house on my own and really, the time in the car where I could turn everything from Eric Church to Dr. Dre up as loud as I wanted was so glorious. I grabbed a coffee and my water and just jammed out the trip.

We spent our day lunching, wine tasting, tasting more wine, playing with her cutie little pup, dinnering {Yea, I know that’s not a word but you get it.},  watching a movie and talking each other’s ears off. We kept busy but I didn’t have one of those Disneyland type days where you are more tired after your trip then before you left. I rested and enjoyed the good food {which I ate a bit too much of} and company.  It was pretty close to girl time perfection.

Oh and since I was road tripping alone, I also took the liberty to stretch my legs a few times and take photos. Pretty sure the truckers thought I was a nut job. {Pretty sure they are right.}

Enjoy! Melissa








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