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Sometimes we just get in a rut. Same five meals on repeat for dinner, take a walk on the same path and nap at the exact same time every day. All probably my fault! I insisted Little M be on a schedule and I find things I like and stick to them. But, lately, I am finding that branching out a bit and shaking up the schedule can be fun {every once in a while. lets not take it to an extreme. still a planner and a scheduler no matter how fun this branching business is.}.

So, when we had to make the dreaded visit to the tax man {where I hold my breath waiting to find out if this was an owe or refund year}, we decided to check out the area around his office. Turned out to be a great afternoon finding some new things. We popped into what ended up being an amazing sandwich shop. I’m a sucker for a good turkey sammy and this place hit the spot! I hate {hate} when I buy a sandwich that I feel like I could have made better at home. This one, I couldn’t have dreamed up. Turkey and brie with some sort of special garlic sauce…yumm! And, to top it off, they served it with popcorn on the side. Who wouldn’t love that? {I know, new healthy eating leaf out the door on this one. Worth it!}

After we successfully filled up, we trotted our way down to the water where we dreamed of one day living in one of the awesome mc-mansions with a view that we passed {ocean view, grand wooden front door, manicured lawns but still out there doing their own yard work, perfection…one day}. Little M loved the ocean breeze and even took a nap in a stroller which, let me tell you, is a miracle in itself. A successful exploration!

Enjoy! Melissa

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2 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. :) yum! we have a cheese and meat place here that has awesome sandwiches. my favorite: the peanut butter and raspberry preserve grilled sandwich with blue cheese chunks! sounds weird… but AMAZING.
    kw ladies in navy

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