Easter || Part 2

Easter 3

As promised Easter continues.

{After the grand discovery that the Easter bunny had in fact delivered a basket, we spent the morning playing with {the basket stuffing} all the new toys the bunny had dropped off.}

Easter 1

Easter 2

{After a quick nap, we went on an Easter egg hunt. And by hunt, I mean, crawled between eggs clearly laid out in the yard. M took a long break between each one as she opened it and ate the puffs inside. Smart girl! And, it gave me time to sit in my {very north-westerner outfit where I dress like it’s 90 degrees when it’s only almost 70} yard and soak up the sun.}

Easter 5

Easter 4

{The excitement of being an egg|puffs hunter was just too much for M. She squeezed those eggs until they popped open even after we declared victory over the hunt and went inside. She was so into it that we forgot about an afternoon nap and had to scramble to get into our Easter best and head over to M’s Grandparent’s for dinner. My little crazy girl had a great time digging into another Easter basket at her grandparents {sneaky bunny, he just leaves baskets all over} and hunting down more eggs so everyone could watch. What a ham!}

Easter 6

Enjoy! Melissa


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