Easter || Part 1

Easter Collage

This was the most beautiful Easter I can remember in years. The sun was shining, the Easter Bunny found our house without getting lost even though it was his first time here, we hunted eggs, wore our Easter best and had a delicious dinner with family. Glorious times! So glorious that the tale of our Easter will continue tomorrow so check back for part two.

We started our day by finding the basket that the Easter Bunny had dropped off for Little M. Side note, I had to brush up on the Easter Bunny tradition. Did this bunny come in the night and just drop things off like Santa or did he allow mom and dad to take credit for the basket? From what I could figure out, he is a sneaky litte bunny and he drops his baskets off in the night to be found by children when they wake in the morning. He is mooching off of Santa’s ways if you ask me. Get your own jam Easter Bunny! Oh well….we followed the tradition so as not to confuse M. Imagine being the only one at school who’s parent’s bring the Easter baskets. Has tragedy written all over it.

But, I must say that that sneaky little bunny left Little M a mighty full basket this year. Even the basket that he left, which {I think} he picked up at Target was great. So great, that I’m sure he’ll leave the same basket next year but he may take it to have Little M’s name embroidered in it sometime before his 2014 drop off.

Inside the basket we found:

1. Kids Hair Clips from LolliPop Kids Boutique. They clip in perfectly with no tugging or pushing like we have had to experience with some other clips.

2. Circo Shorts. Cuffed shorts for babies. I mean, a must have obviously!

3. An EIO Glass Kids Cup. This is for 18+ months but Little M just keeps trying to drink out of my water glass so I thought we would give it a shot. We shall see.

4. A Sea Ship Blue Circo T-Shirt. Because who can resist something called ‘sea-ship blue’.

5. Melissa & Doug Caterpillar. Just so cute. Perfect car toy.

6. A book chalk full of 5-Minute Farm Tales from Costco. After a whole 10 months of gift giving with M it has become a tradition that every holiday must include a book in our house.

7. Little Hip Squeeks Headbands. Maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. Little M threw one on right away. Her new favorite accessory for sure.

And, after checking out all these well thought out Easter basket essentials, Little M instead played with the packaging and the basket filling. Good thing the bunny spent so much time picking out  her presents. Typical!

Enjoy! Melissa

Easter Part 2 full of our little egg hunter and pictures a plenty will be up tomorrow.


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