My Favorite Age

Park 1

Park 3

Park 2

Park 4

When Little M was born people kept telling me that the magic baby age was 3 months. That all the sleepless nights would disappear and the interaction with Little M would be so awesome you would melt. But, for me that age came at about 6 months and since then every age|month has been my favorite. Once she could sit up and really play, smile and laugh {The laugh. Baby laughs really do melt the heart.} I just couldn’t get enough of her.

{A small dose of reality: This is all between crying, diaper changing and whining. Those are not my favorite at any age.}

She’s 10 months now and again, it’s my favorite age. You can actually go to the park and play with her. She loves the slide and climbing on the toys. No monkey bars yet but we will work on those! One day, at my favorite age.

Enjoy! Melissa

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