Swim Lesson Update, Sort Of


I mean really, today was swim lesson day and I sat on the sideline while I let Ky play and took over 100 pictures. I snapped away, got some great shots and was all ready to update everyone on swim greatness. Then, then, I paid the bills. Which, even if you are a millionaire {I’m guessing} is just a mood killer. Now, instead of looking at all these super cute pictures of babies playing in the water, I would prefer a large bowl of ice cream and to watch Grey’s Anatomy {yes, I still watch that show. Am I the only one?}.

But, I will update you on swim lessons {a little, until I give in and run full force to the freezer with a spoon because really, who needs a bowl}! M has learned to float on her back when being held only by the head and neck, hold onto the wall and to work towards climbing out of the pool. All things that I am SO so proud of. We enrolled her in the lessons not just for a new activity but also to prep for an upcoming vacation. Not that I plan on her falling in any pools but she might be a practicing walker by the time this vacation finally gets here and unsteady on the feet. My goal for the lessons is that if she did fall in, she could sustain for a second until someone could get to her. So far, it looks like we are working toward that. Again, lets just be clear, not planning on having her fall, jump or end up in any way in a pool without an adult. Just a precaution.

Oh and another thing. The company we are taking our lessons through is known for their aquatic education skills. However, they seem to be full of rules. One is that you must wear a beautiful, attractive and fashion forward swim cap if your hair is below your ears. So, no, all the moms in the picture are not Olympic Athletes waiting to to do the 200m freestyle. They are being forced to wear that cap {and to shower before getting in the pool, only change their babies in certain areas, wear goggles and do the chicken dance before jumping in. OK I made that last one up}.

Enjoy! Melissa

6 thoughts on “Swim Lesson Update, Sort Of

    • Can. Not. Stop. I just need to know what happens. How can I dedicate all this time and quit now. Just going to keep a truckin’ Glad I’m not the only one!

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