Spring Knees || DIY Baby Knee Protection


Now that the sun has shown it’s beautiful face a few times, we have been outside playing. For Little M, this means crawling around outside and ruining her pants with holes and stains on her tiny knees. Believe me people, there is not enough stain stick for all these grass stains. We can’t go outside without pants {This is the northwest, not Florida. We are outside sweating in 60 degree ‘heat’} so my solution was to cover up the knees.

I took an old pair of my socks and cut the feet off, slid the tube over her pants and they covered her knees like a charm! We spent the whole afternoon in the yard and not one stain on her knees. Maybe not the most fashionable idea I’ve ever had but it got the job done!

I’ve strategically placed our new knee protection next to the back door as my little sign that we will {fingers crossed} be spending many more afternoons playing in the yard.

Enjoy! Melissa





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