What’s On M’s Plate


{Quinoa with Avocado and Tofu, Sweet Peppers, Broccoli, Squash, Mango & Pear Juice}


{Mango, Sweet Peppers, Ground Turkey, Sweet Potao, Kale and Peas & Water}


{Tofu and Avocado, Blueberries & Water}

Lets get it straight, M loves to eat. I had to ask a friend once if their child had ever stopped eating or showed signs that they were full. She looked at me weird and said yes. Like most people, her little one ate until she was full every meal and then put down her fork, so to speak. Not my Little M. She would eat all day if you let her. She’ll just eat and eat and then spit up later like it’s no big thing! So, I take a wild guess at how much to feed her at each meal and hope I don’t see it again later. Crazy right?

I’m not a nutritionist and base all my food choices for Little M off my own research, a pretty useless chart from my pediatrician and on my own food preferences. Little does she know that we are working on eating all of our meals because at the magical 12 month mark, bottles will be a goner. I am far more terrified of this then any other change we have had to make with her. Folks, she cries when she finishes a bottle now. She just can not believe that it would dare to be gone! Imagine no bottle. Two months early, I’m starting to mentally prepare! God help us.

Enjoy, Melissa

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