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{Phew….we made it! Ky was out of town for part of last week and Saturday and Little M and I made it! To all you ladies who’s husbands travel for work, my hat is totally off to you. {See me tipping my hat here} Adding a few extra hours a day where my energy level needs to be at level bubbly and entertaining is, well, exhausting. I was so tired by Little M’s bed time that instead of the cleaning I intended to do, I ended up spending my evenings watching way too much Downton Abbey. I made it through the first two seasons. Do Not {I repeat DO NOT} tell me what happens in season 3 because right now I’m busy being so proud of Lady Mary for the first time since I started this bloody show. Lets not ruin that. But really, my days with Little M were great. We had play dates, dinner dates and lots of mom | baby dates to pass the time. We also had crazy mother nature to entertain us. Friday morning it was snowing and Saturday we were playing in the back yard in the sunshine. Whatever ‘spring’!}


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{Ky made his triumphant return from Vegas on Sunday! I couldn’t believe it when he jumped right up when Little M woke in the morning. It was the longest he has ever been away from her and he must have missed his little peanut. We spent our day back together doing such suburban things. We went out for lunch, stopped by an appliance store {IF only I could explain how much I hate, hate, hate my oven. Plastic knobs are just not a wise idea on something that heats up. Who in the world thought of this?} and grocery shopped because we are turning over a new ‘healthy eating’ leaf that will probably last about 10 more minutes before I find a girl scout to sell me a box of Thin Mints. But, the highlight of the day was meeting a very new baby. Baby Bryce was just 5 days old when we went to bug him and his parents. We came bearing freshly baked cookies {I may have known that this ‘healthy leaf’ was right around the corner so I just may have eaten a few dozen bites of cookie dough} and snuggled little Bryce as much as he would let us. It was so great to smell a new baby, listen to his little noises and bounce him when he was a little fussy. It was also so so crazy to see where Little M was only 10 months ago. In that time, she has learned to sit up, stand, cruise around, babble away, smile and be the little girl that completes our suburban family life! And for those who are going to ask, no this did not make me want another baby yet. But, it did make me want to visit Little Bryce’s parent’s as much as they will let me! A huge Congrats to them!}

Enjoy! Melissa

2 thoughts on “Weekend SnapShot || Iphone Update

  1. Love that you said “bloody” in ref to DTA… I feel like I need to start talking MUCH More Proper (and with a british accent) after watching it! & would love to hear about your new healthy leaf… Whats that include?

    • MyTiesLC – I need to get my hands on Season 3! I know this happiness with Mary just can’t last and I need to know what happens. Ugh! And the healthy leaf just includes not eating BOXES of thin mints and crap all the time. I have been super unhealthy and it’s showing in my skin and my energy level. We started with some recipes yesterday and I was starving after dinner. So, it probably won’t last long. We shall see!

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