Spring Snow


I mean, it’s March right? Just checking because when I woke up, there was snow. I looked out the bedroom window, thought I was dreaming, tried to pinch myself or shake myself up from this weird dream where I knew that I was dreaming, decided I must be awake but just seeing things, walked to my bathroom and walked right back out to look outside again and confirm that yes, yes it was snowing in March. Ugh! As I’m thinking about of sandals and skirts, I instead ended up in snow boots.

I have to admit though, after I confirmed that there was indeed snow outside {via my clearly astute detective skills}, I got really really excited to show Little M her first snow {and to wear the snow boots I purchased at the beginning of winter and hadn’t been able to wear yet…yes!}.

M sat in a little tray on a towel in the snow because I also discovered that she did not own any proper waterproof clothing. But, she did scratch her fingers around in the white stuff and eat some all on her own. Oh’ and because her Dada was away playing in Vegas for a few days, we facetimed him in on our adventure. Just an adorable way to spend a morning.

If it’s going to snow in March, might as well enjoy it. {But really mother nature, put a sock in it. Sun, we are looking for Sun. I think you got that mixed up with Snow today. Both S words….not the same!}

Enjoy, Melissa






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