Just Saying || Mason Jar Coffee



I’m just saying, coffee in a mason jar tastes better. As I was on my second coffee of the day yesterday, I decided to change it up a bit and made my new favorite drink, a white chocolate americano with an inch of almond milk on top {yeah, yeah, coffee snob!} in a mason jar. It was so much more fun to carry around and somehow made me appreciate my round two coffee for a few extra minutes instead of pouring it down my throat as fast as possible {per my usual style}.

This reminded me how vintage and spring like mason jars can make a room feel. I have a dozen of them just sitting in a drawer. Time to put those bad boys to use!

Enjoy! Melissa


2 thoughts on “Just Saying || Mason Jar Coffee

    • Kelsey! Little M’s birthday is right around the corner and I’m thinking of painting some to use for decorating. When I do, I will post about it for sure! Have you done it? Any tips? Oh and my friend and I were just chatting that a great glass of Sangria would look even better in a mason jar. I know you love your wine :)

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