Family Market

Market 11

As promised, I’m continuing my post about family day at the Farmers Market. Really, I feel like everyone has been to a farmers market and this was no exception to the norm. Vendors selling freshly produced goods, flowers a plenty and food carts with the best smelling yummies drawing you in to cheat on your diet. But, something about this day was just so much fun. I got to hang with my family, we magically made it to the market in the two hours the sun showed up and Little M loved the stimulation so much she participated without being bribed with puffs {well at least until the very end}.

The only thing I wish we would have done differently is use a baby pack instead of the stroller. Man, sometimes in a crowd, a stroller can be a tricky thing to maneuver. Get out of my way people! Can’t you see I’m pushing this cart that’s holding a child? {OK, stroller rage over}

We came away from the market with some freshly baked bread {again, the great smells – tricky!}, some cute fabric that has already popped up on Pretty Wednesday, a bouquet of fresh flowers for $5 {can’t beat that!}, plus a bag of little delicious devilish doughnuts. A day well spent!

Let me know if you have any fun spring family outings to recommend. I’m in the market for market like days!

Enjoy! Melissa

Market 1

Market 8

Market 2

Market 7

Market 6

Market 3

Market 9

Market 10

2 thoughts on “Family Market

  1. This looks like such a fun time! Isn’t that great that you can find a place where you can support local businesses and buy fresh foods and products without all of the preservatives?! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    • M&K! It was a such a great time. I love supporting local business and really, the bread I got was so much better than any bread I ever bought in the store!

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