Weekend SnapShot || Iphone Update

Fri 1

{On Friday, Little M and I were out and about when we ran into a L&L . It’s like Hawaiian fast food but really, I just couldn’t resist. I ordered some greasy goodness and saved the amazing mac salad for my hubby. Score for everyone!}



{We had a pretty low key weekend around our house but full of some good ol’ family fun. Saturday started out with the most adorable book reading and then some lunching with Little M’s aunties {aka my best friends}. We ate pizza and salad, blabbed our life updates and laughed at Little M gobbling up ‘cookies’ like a monster. We even got a little shopping in after. Successful Sat if you ask me! Side Note; M is pictured above with Lindsay of My Ties and Piper Teal. She’s my awesomely talented and creative friend. Check out her shops!}



{Sun was one of the best family days we have been lucky enough to have in a long time. We spent the day at a local Farmers Market. We wandered through the booths, bought a huge bouquet for $5, enjoyed the sun shining on us and I found the cutest little fabric store. More on this outing later! We had so much fun it deserves it’s own post! Oh and little M turned 10 months old! I just can’t even believe she’s 10 months already. Time seems to fly and, some days, drag all at the same time. Guess it’s time to start planning the big first birthday!}

Enjoy! Melissa

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