Showering A New Mama


Normally, I am the most boring practical {but hopefully thoughtful} gift giver. I mean, really, people always want to give the fun stuff. When you got married you got all the martini glasses, bar accessories and cake stands you registered for right? But nobody wants to give the ‘boring’ stuff. The stuff you really need. To the people who gifted us our sheets, bathroom mats, towels or pots and pans; I feel ya’! I am ALWAYS the person giving this type of stuff. The stuff that nobody wants to give but you thank god every day that they did.

Well, I decided my practical gift giving was getting old and I wanted to shop for the ‘fun’ stuff for once. So, when I went to a baby shower for a friend who will very soon be the mama to a baby girl, I trotted myself over to a local boutique baby store. Wow! I’ve been missing out. I couldn’t make up my mind because it was so much more fun to shop for the fun stuff. Don’t worry, I didn’t stray too far from my Type A personality. I did pick things that Little M and I have found to be maybe a little frivolous, but still very useful. I picked out;

  1. Chewbeads! These soft beads manage to be {at least semi} fashionable but they are also soft so your child can chew them without you having to worry about it. I wear the necklaces at least twice a week. Why can’t I invent these things? 
  2. An Angel Dear blankie. Little M didn’t leave the house without hers for her first six months. So soft. So cuddly. So cute!
  3. One very adorable Organic Bonnet. To be honest, we didn’t have one of these. Buuuut, I wish we did! It was just so sweet and I couldn’t leave it behind. You guys, a small baby in a bonnet. Enough said!

I hope she enjoyed this small basket of ‘fun’ gifts as much as I enjoyed my departure from my stuffy {yet practicle and I still stand by it} gift giving.

Enjoy! Melissa

A fun note: All of these products are now Pretty Wednesday sponsors. To purchase any of them, check out their ads on the side bar!

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