Behind the Scenes || Photo Shoot



Most of the time I’m the lady behind the lens for Pretty Wednesday. But, that doesn’t work so well when I need a photo of myself. For my profile picture, my hubby volunteered to {or was tricked into} follow me around town taking my photo. We spent a few hours walking around a cute little town shooting away. Little M strolled and enjoyed some fresh air and we popped into a sports store to keep everyone smiling.

What I learned. It’s harder than you think being the subject. I had this mean squinty look on my face in about half the photos and crazy hair in another 15%. But, it was fun to explore different locations {the best; the old community center. vintage, brick, texture, amazing} and try some new ticks with our DSLR {which we usually just set on auto, cross our fingers that we are outside, point and shoot}. I’m thinking a camera class is on my list for the future and maybe {just maybe} if I can actually learn to work this awesome camera, a new lens is on the birthday wish list. Hopefully, we can bring some great shots to Pretty Wednesday soon!

Enjoy! Melissa


2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes || Photo Shoot

  1. Melissa,
    Your blog looks amazing! :) I am loving the posts, sweet pictures of baby, and can totally relate to your behind-the-lens transition. We (my boyfriend is forced to take all photos of me) usually take about 200 photos and end up with 6-8 usable ones. If you’re looking for a great portrait lens for Little M, I’d highly recommend a 50mm f/1.8 – they’re inexpensive and seriously produce the best photo results ever. I use a 50mm on my Canon t4i and it’s all I need.

    • Thanks so much Kelsey! It’s great to hear that you take so many photos. I feel like I snap away and only end up with a few I can use. Good to hear that is ‘normal’! Also, I am going to look into lenses soon so I appreciate the advice! Also, I love reading Ladies in Navy!!!!!

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