I Drank Grass





Ewww! Basically, the nice unassuming smoothie people at Jamba Juice tricked me into drinking a grassy knoll last week. We were on a perfectly lovely little shopping date with my friend Lacie, of Leather & Lace, and her most adorable daughter Gem when we stopped into Jamba for smoothies. Apparently it was free wheat grass shot day and apparently the guy working wanted to lie to me when he told me they were sweet. So, I tried one and basically I felt like I went out to my front lawn and just started mowing with my teeth. But, silver lining, my smoothie was good and the company was even better.

The littles were both having rough teething weeks so it was nice to get out and enjoy some sunshine. Plus, little Gem did the cutest thing and drank from a straw. I know, if you aren’t familiar with littles this probably seems like no big feat. However, it’s just so strange to now fully understand that once, you knew NOTHING. Your parents so diligently taught you to sit up, eat, drink, potty in the potty, write, talk, EVERYTHING. Sometimes, it feels like a huge responsibility to shape the entire being of someone who is to grow up to be a productive member of society. Then sometimes, you see someone so small do something something so cool and you know that you are doing A-OK in the parenting department.

These kids are going to be OK! {I mean, as long as we don’t fail miserably from here on out. Here’s to hoping!}

Enjoy! Melissa


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