Just Saying: Blueberries


I’m just saying….Blueberries are king in my house right now. Little M is working on her top set of chompers and is not enjoying the experience. So, I’m not really enjoying the experience either. I’ve decided that if it were up to me, people just wouldn’t get teeth until they were 21. I mean, it’s only fair that you should be able to drink away the pain. Right? Besides the fact that the world would be full of toothless gummy people, this is a genius idea.

Any-who, when she got her bottom two teeth we were able to soothe her with ice in a mesh container. She loved it! She would just suck on the ice and it seemed to solve all world problems. Humm…top teeth, a different story. She actually slaps the mesh container out of your hand if you even offer it to her {how dare you!}. Needless to say, we have had to find other solutions.

Blueberries! They have been the winner. I have gone through two Costco size blueberry containers because she is digging them so much. We just freeze a few berries at a time and she loves them!

So, in other words, I LOVE blueberries. They are my new favorite fruit. I might have actually hugged the container yesterday. Don’t tell anyone.

Enjoy! Melissa


2 thoughts on “Just Saying: Blueberries

    • I’m telling you! These bad boys were my savior Danna! Hope it works for you too! Or better yet, hope his just come in magically overnight and he never even knew they were coming! :)

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