Nursery Shelving

M's Shelf

Of all the work we put into Little M’s nursery, my favorite part is the shelving. I know, weird thing to love. But, the glider is right across from these shelves and I can’t help but admire them a bit when I’m reading to M. They just hold so many things that I know will be special to her one day.

Little M’s great grandparents passed away when she was in the cooker so we included a few reminders of them on her shelves. She has a piece of her great grandmothers china {which somehow matched the colors of her nursery perfectly} as well as a little porcelain bird from a collection they had. We also included a few pictures we took during our maternity photos, some blocks she received as a gift at her shower, a jewelry box to hold her itty-bitty jewelry and some special stuffed animals {how they all turned out to be rabbits, I will never know}.Don’t worry, her shelves are fairly high up so little paws won’t be able to reach them for many years to come. This made it so we were able to include all of these special and somewhat fragile items.

I don’t know what it is, I just see her loving the items we placed up her for a lifetime.

Some tips on decorating shelving in a nursery:

  • Place the fragile and important items high up. Obviously.
  • Books should be in reach. Little M already loves books. I know she will be pulling these off the shelf herself in no time.
  • Taller items should be furthest from the door. This makes it so your eye doesn’t stop when glancing in. The room will look longer.
  • Group items. It just looks nice!

Enjoy! Melissa


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