M’s First BooBoo


Ugh! Last week Little M got her first boo boo. It was horrible and tragic and I could hardly stand it. I was cleaning the track to our sliding glass door and M thought she would help out. She reached in and grabbed the very end to the track where only her super tiny fingers could go and pulled her hand up quickly. She got two little perfect slices on her finger and blood was pouring out {ok, it wasn’t even close to pouring but there was blood coming from my daughter. Not ok.}.

Generally, I am really calm in pressure situations but I had to call for Ky. He came in, we immediately put pressure and did all the good stuff you know how to do when you have a boo boo and then called the pediatrician at home. She told us we had to hold her hand up and squeeze for 5 – 10 minutes. Let me tell you how much a 9 month old loves this. Any-who  we made it 6 minutes and the bleeding seemed to calm down. So no doctor visit but we did have to wrap up her fingers and then place a little mit on her hand so she couldn’t stick them in her mouth.

What I am I going to do when she gets injured playing sports, skins her knee riding a bike or any of those good things all kids do? I couldn’t even handle a cut on the hand. Great! But the good news is, we got to call her ‘mitsy’ for a few days while she wore her little mit. And the injury healed in about 3 days so mitsy is back to being Little M!

Lets just cross our fingers that Little M keeps her fingers out of small places for a while. Just for the sake of her poor mama’s feelings.

Enjoy! Melissa


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