Heart Day




As I plan out Little M’s Easter basket, I got to thinking that her Valentines ‘basket’ might be fun to share. It was full of fun goodies and so far, she has loved them all. The Valentines bunny, or cupid or whoever leaves you presents on the day of love left Little M:

  • A super cute little knit hippo. This was one of those, ‘you probably won’t love it M but mama does so enjoy’ type of gifts. But, surprise! M has been snuggling this little guy in her crib and it’s so stinkin’ cute! 
  • A super sleek pink girl handle car . If there are any pretend people in this car, they are horrid drivers. M’s use of the handle generally ends in a crash but she’s learning and likes to push it around the hard wood floors. 
  • And on every holiday you must receive a book {because your mom gets so tired of reading the same books over and over} because it’s educational! Valentine’s Day called for Little Pea . Just adorable! 
  • To top it off, M got a stylish little Gap swimsuit.  She’s planning to show off this beaut at swim lessons and then again on vacation. 

And well, just because I was so proud of the card I got for Ky, I have to share that. I ordered it from Hen & Co., a sweet Etsy shop. I just want to order one of everything available. Kendra of Hen & Co. does an amazing job choosing fonts and hip prints on all of her merch. For this card, I was able to customize three lines. So fun! Ky knew which were straight from my crazy brain right away. {Umm, ice in my Pepsi….obviously}

Oh but side note, as I was putting out all these fun gifts, I glanced at myself in the early morning mirror. Sick. Just look at what I looked like when I delivered up these gifts I took so much time picking out. Get it together Melissa! Nobody wants a gift from a troll.

Now the trick will be to find some fun Easter items to live up!

Enjoy! Melissa


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