Pick Up The Pace




Lets get it straight. I don’t like running. Somehow, when we were registering for Little M’s arrival, I decided that I must have a jogging stroller. Well, she’s 9 months old and I have yet to pick up the pace beyond a brisk walk while pushing her. But, the walking is great with a jogging stroller.

The fam and I like to find a little time to get fresh air on the weekends. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to get outside when the weather is bad but M’s mood improves instantly if she gets to spend some time outside. Not to mention that Jackson and Sadie love {love, love} going on walks. So, we hit the beaten path and push the ‘jogger’ a few miles. Little M smiles, I judge the outfits of the other walkers and wish I could throw a stick in front of the bikers ringing their dumb little bells and yelling ‘on your left’ over and over and the dogs snif a bunch of other stranger dogs as they trot along. Not a bad way to spend spend a little time together.

Happy Saturday!

Enjoy! Melissa


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