We Are Swimming

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Activities! We are in need of activities. Now that Little M is on the move crawling around, her toys hold her attention for about 2.5 seconds and then finding trouble ensues. So, we have been on the hunt for activities that get us out of the house and teach the Little something! We go to Gymboree once a week and now SWIM LESSONS! Pretty much, I’m far more excited then she is.

We had our first lesson last week. I was ready. Bags packed the night before, swim outfits planned. Then boom, I was so sick. Like called in sick from ‘work’, husband stayed home to take care of Little M and just like that I was outed on my swim lesson. But I was determined to at least watch my girl with her first real water experience. So, I sat on the shower flower to clean off, put on acceptable for public sweats and we headed out. As soon as we arrived, I knew bad news was coming. Yup’ I was sick all over the parking lot. Great start to swim lessons M’s Mom. Fail!

I don’t think any of the other parents saw me though so I quietly snuck inside in sat in a corner snapping pics as Ky got to steal all my swim lesson glory. They sang songs, they splashed and they learned to back float. WHAT? She back floated! He just gently held his hands under her head and she floated along with him. {Well, all the kids did this but that’s really besides the point.} It was glorious and fun to watch!

It’s an 8 week course and at the end, we are going on a vacation. So hopefully, my little girl will be a little fish when it’s all over. At least we know she’ll be a back float pro.

Enjoy! Melissa


One thought on “We Are Swimming

  1. Comme s’il n’y avait pas des professionnels du maquillage télévision et des coiffeurs pour le plateau .qaunt aux ménagères-aux femmes – si elles ont préféré ne pas risquer d&,oouq;sublierr-que ce soit pour leur famille (et comme épouses et comme mères:et pourquoi pas pour elles-mêmes, peut-être pas si sottes (!) ) il n’y a pas lieu d’ironiser sur le fait qu’elles n’aient pas remis au lendemain … et aux sorties incertaines (etc)

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