Vase Update

Vase - Before

Vase - During1

Vase - During2

Vase - After

In an attempt to start slowly and cost effectively update the decorating I did when we moved into our house three years ago, I started with an easy project in my entry room {don’t get me started on how everyone needs a foyer. Who wants to walk right into a room? Next house.}. This Ikea vase is sitting in my entry with wheat grass in it but it was just cream and boring. For a little sprucing I just grabbed some gold metallic acrylic paint and updated away. To update your own boring vase:

  1. Measure evenly spaced sections, marking numerous times as you turn the vase. 
  2. Tape off the sections. This is harder than it looks on a round object so be sure to pull and smooth the tape as you go. Any bubbles will let the paint seep under and create an uneven section.
  3. Apply acrylic paint using a sponge brush. I ended up with four coats of paint to get the desired look.
  4. Let dry completely.
  5. Slowly Remove tape.
  6. Tuh-Duh!

It’s not perfect but the gold did at a small touch of updated flair to my entry | front room | reading room | room that won’t exist in my next house.

Enjoy! Melissa


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