A Sun Celebration

Sunny Day

OK Whatever So Cal peeps. We live in Seattle. When the sun comes out in February, you celebrate! Not that it was warm or anything but the sun did finally show it’s face for one whole day here. It was glorious. Little M, Sadie and I (sorry Jackson, you are just too big for some adventures) went to the little park across the street to celebrate. Of course, we had to layer up first.  {Side Note: M’s North Face fleece bunting has been the most amazing thing this winter. If you live somewhere chilly, I totally recommend one. Less fighting when you zip her than a jacket and it’s full body warmth.}  We also had to lay down multiple layers of towels so the damp grass wouldn’t soak us. But none the less, we sat outside for a full hour, soaked up the sun and ate chopped up mango and avocado. M even got some in her mouth and shared lots with Sadie. It’s the little things folks, if the suns out celebrate it!

Enjoy! Melissa


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