Forget The Tree……Oh Garland

Garland 2

Garland 1

Garland Helper

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I feel like I’m stuck in a holiday decorating rut. Year after year, I pull out the same Tupperware and put up the same decorations. Typically, I hang some standard fake garland on the mantle for the holiday season. This year, I spiced it up and went with real, true-blue garland. I added some white lights, sparkle birds and birch candles. AMAZING! The garland was fairly inexpensive at, of all places, Costco and made a huge difference in the Christmas flare.

Oh and don’t forget that this was the first year I had a little elf to ‘help’ me when I was decorating. I think she successfully taste tested and supervised most of the Christmas flair. But really, having her around really brings back the Christmas spirit. Makes me giddy to think about her opening presents and dreaming of Santa. Our favorite thing to say to her right now, “What does Santa Say?” and give a little tickle as we say, “Ho Ho Ho”! Oh the Christmas Spirit!

Enjoy! Melissa

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